No 'turbo charge' since M update


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Oct 22, 2010
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Before the update my T2 would charge rapidly when connected to the turbo charger. I would even see the 'Turbo charger' toast pop up.
But since the updating to M the turbo charger doesn't work right. The battery icon shows that it's charging but it only charges very slowly. In fact, if I'm using the phone to play audio it can actually lose power while showing that it's charging. But even if I'm not using the phone for anything it will stop charging after a few minutes. I can unplug the charger—from either end—and plug it back in and it starts charging again.
I did a factory reset to see it helps but there's no change.
I use a CHOETECH Iron Stand QI Wireless Charging Pad (2A) for charging the T2 at night. I also occasionally use an USB OTG and that still works fine.
Anyone else having similar issues? Any ideas?
Both of my Turbo 2's are still charging fine after the M upgrade. But there are numerous reports of this situation on the Moto forum, and a few on the Verizon support forum. The rumor on the Verizon forum is that this is part of the reason that the upgrade has halted. That's just a rumor, but it is posted on the Verizon support site, take it with a grain of salt. I think your only option is to contact either Verizon or Motorola for a warranty replacement phone. Sorry to hear that you are one of the folks with this issue. Hopefully Verizon / Moto have a fix out to everyone soon.
Marshmallow update is sucking up my battery fast.. heats up :(
What does your Battery stats screen look like? What are some of the top battery users? Then, when you tap the Battery stats graph, what does the History screen look like? Some folks have reported that WiFi is draining battery fast after the update, others have reported higher than normal Bluetooth battery drain. Or, it could be an app that is not compatible with Marshmallow.

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