Turbo 2 Will Not Charge


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Mar 12, 2016
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Droid Turbo 2
I got my Turbo two in December last year so it's only about four months old and it has been having trouble charging almost from the start. It charges very slowly. Yesterday I had run it down to about 12% battery so I put it on the charger overnight. The lightning bolt was in the battery image and everything seemed to be fine. This morning it was at 4%. I moved it to another charger and it hasn't charged any in the last two hours. It recognizes the charger and the charging image comes up on the screen but it's not gaining any charge. I'm currently trying a USB charger on my laptop but it also doesn't seem to be working.
Am I going to need to get a new battery or is there some other way to fix this problem? I can't turn my phone on at all right now so I can't even try to do anything with it to fix this besides changing chargers again...

Update: It's charged one percent so I can at least turn it on now
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Are you using the turbo charger that came with the phone?