Did I Fry My Droid?? No Charging


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Sep 22, 2011
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Hello all, Current phone is Droid 2 Global running Fission 2.4.3 fully flashed to Cricket...First time poster, long time reader..I've ben able to fix basically every problem I've had with my Droids just by reading, from apps to roms to flashing...but alas, im stuck...Ok, I was playing wordfeud in the car (great game to kill time), battery ws at 50% so I plugged it into my friends car charger that he got with his Droid X...OEM from Verizon store...my phone turned off..wouldn't turn on...a 60 sec battery pull solved this, replugged charger...Phone said charging so continued to play...phone went down to 30%, so I stopped playing to let it charge...half hour later, 15% low batt comes up...ten mins later, phone dies...so I came home n plugged phone to my charger, lit up but wldnt turn on..tried other chargers n usb cords...still nothing..tried spare battery..turned on..charged spare battery on house charger...same thing..battery died within an hour even tho it said it was charging...

I hav an external battery charger so thinking the batteries are shot, charge them fully oncharger...put them in phone, says 100%...even tried Battery Callibration...but both batteries die once put on any type of charger except external...Phone says charging, the bar moves right to left from yellow to green, but batteries discharge...I am very confused as to what could have caused this as I am constantly mobile and can't charge my batteries only externally..

I have various motorola microusb chargers and usb cords..every one does the same thing...Ive had alot of issues but nothing this serious, that I cant fix using rsd, qpst, cdma ws or radiocomm..and considering Im on Cricket not Verizon, a replacement is out of the question...Is my phone fried?