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Feb 2, 2011
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Curious if anyone else has experienced this. Please note that this is not a one time thing. This has happened on multiple occasions totaling to about 10 or so times now.

So, I'm just playing on phone using it like normal. Turn the screen off and lay it down. After it's been sleeping for 10 minutes or so, when I turn the screen on I am greeted with a message of something to the effect of "No SIM inserted. The mobile network will be unavailable until you insert your SIM." Funny thing is, I see the 3G icon in the status bar, but once I press ok to get past the message, my 3G vanishes. No internet access whatsoever. 3G will not come back unless I power down, manually remove the SIM for a couple of seconds, and re-insert the SIM. Clearly the SIM card is functional and when I remove it and re-insert it, it goes back to same place it was before. It's not like the SIM had slipped out or something. I had actually received a refurb when my data went out for over 24 hours with no reason and I sent back the refurb because my data came back. At this juncture, I'd only seen the "No SIM inserted" message once. Kind of wish I'd given that refurb at least a little bit of use before mailing it back.
It can be the phone or the SIM. Take the phone into Verizon and have the SIM card replaced. If that does not cure it, have the phone replaced.

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I'd try getting a new SIM, but my local VZ store gave me the run-around. They said if I have data, I'm not getting a new SIM. And I REALLY don't want to go for a refurb. I've heard the horror stories from some people's Nexus experience. I've been very fortunate and don't intend to change that. Lol.
Try a diff store or call cs maybe?

45 minutes to the next closest one. Poor college kid just trying to get by. Haha. Maybe I'll try when I'm down in Tampa. The reps at my store are kind of douchey.
It does not "cost" Verizon anything to get a new SIM card. They have to do that a one of the troubleshooting steps in identifying the problem. They can also make you perfom the factory reset (remember ALL data on Nexus is wiped so back ups must go somewhere else - I had to move over 1500 songs back to the pc..ugh). It's simple to just replace the SIM as the 1st step. Push them with a smile!

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One way to get a new Sim card is, if you have an old 3g only phone, switch over your line to it temporarily. Then try to switch back to your 4g phone, but activation will fail. Take it to Verizon and explain that you temporarily switched phones and that your old Sim card won't activate your phone. They switch it right out no questions asked.

Of course, you may not even need to do that, just go in with the Sim card in your hand and tell them you switched to a 3g phone and now it won't work. I don't think they'll check, but they do try to activate it for you, so it might be best to actually switch phones temporarily.

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