no display,no boot, no nothing?


Sep 20, 2011
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i have been having issues with my D3. the other day i noticed that when i slightly slid the screen up it would go black for a second. i didnt think this was a huge problem since it was only for a second. but the next day the screen when completely blank and i couldnt tell that the phone was even on. but when it does come on it will sometimes display a very faint picture and i have to use a flashlight to see it.
also, sometimes when i try to turn it on the phone gets really hot but never boots up. im trying to get it back to stock but i really dont know how im going to if i cant see the screen and cant even get it to boot up. also, sometimes it will show the dual core logo but it freezes on that.

any help would be greatly appreciated because i would like to take it back to verizon but id like to get it off of the rom and get rid of root before i do.

Thank you

now it wants to boot up when its slid open with no problem at all...i have no idea whats going on...
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