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May 23, 2011
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New York
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I'm in a 4 g area but no 4 g service....friends got a thunderbolt and they do have 4 g.......i have the 4 g LTE switch app on the correct setting.....just don't know why no4 g.......rebooted and pulled battery and still nothing.......any thoughts..p.s I'm not rooted....

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Are you in the center of the 4G area? Sometimes when your on the outskirts the device will not pick up the 4g signal.

How long have you had the device?
4 g is back.. lol

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Glad to hear it.
let us know if you have any more problems. :)
Gone again.....Had the phone 2 months. My friend is in the same spot with 4 g......I'm with out it...very annoying I bet it has to do with the software update.....imo

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Same thing happened to me yesterday. I went to a version to get my wife the d3 and my 4g was in and out in a supposed central 4g area. I show the rep at verizon and she said since they were updating the towers, it will be spotty. Not really complaining though, at this point the only time I turn on 4g is when I'm going to download something. That and where I live isn't suppose to have it at all..... But I still pick it up.

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This has been happening to my device as well since the last update. Cell tower repairs is a bs line.

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Ever since getting my update this past week, I have not seen a 4G connection indicator on my phone since. What is that about?

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I've had the update for a bit now with no issues ... But yesterday afternoon I lost 4G and it hasn't come back. I'm bouncing between 3G and 1X... Sometimes nothing. Called VZW and they say no known issues in my area. Factory reset no help. Phone issue or network issue? Have an open trbl tkt with them now.

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