No 3g and unable to txt to 1 phone ??


Mar 27, 2011
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Hi all. new to droid and TB
was reading another thread re: loss of 3g and hot get 3g back into motion, man I kinda got discouraged after reading that cause it happens on many phones including mine. I hope this Tb will not marry me to tech support
anyway I also have another issue my GF has an Iphone3G (AT&T) for some reason she can't receive any txt (SMS) from my TB but her sister (3GS) also AT&T can, and everyone else in my contacts from sprint to tmobile. I receive txt from her phone and phone calls are ok between the 2, the only way she can receive txt from my phone is with an attachment (MMS) with a huge lag like 10minutes, everyone else is within seconds after I hit send. went to VZ today and asked they basically said nothing can be done.... it's so weird that only her phone can't receive txt
anyone else have this experience, or heard of this happening?
Thanks in advance