NFL Mobile expiring after Sept 30th?

I upgraded to a bionic a few weeks ago. At the time the app was saying "upgrade to a 4g device get nfl mobile free all season."

I called vzw to ask how this worked, if it needed to be added to my account or what. I was told if you have a 4g phone after sept 30 it will continue on as it is now.

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Hope you're right ...guess we'll find out in a couple days
Damn, when I picked up my X2, Stephanie at the Verizon store reviewed my account and removed Vcast and said I didn't need it cuz it was free (nfl app), no dead line was mentioned.
Hope it lasts!!!! I watch redzone every Sunday

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Not in this day & age. Look @ stuff kids r taught in school.

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If I'm not mistaken the app will be free but you need to subscribe to Verizon's video service for $10/month to watch the games/videos, which to me does not seem like free, it seems like $10 per month, which if I'm not mistaken is $10 more than free, which I understand to be $0 per month. But who knows, maybe my math is wrong.

Dang, that's funny!