NFC-Enabled Computer Inventory App?


Nov 10, 2011
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I'd like to put NFC stickers (though I know such an endeavor may prove too costly to be worth it) on computers (and other IT equipment) that I support in order to have an easy, consistent way of interacting with the data about them when I'm at each of them, in-person. With the Dells, I can just scan their Service Tag bar code, but not so with the Macs, etc (and I don't want to have to log in or fumble around with looking for the bar code or a serial number sticker or whatever either).

I'd like it so that I can tap the tag on a given computer, have the app then highlight that computer in the list within the app. This way, I could instantly see the stats on this particular computer, and update them by editing the fields related to it (like, if I just installed some RAM, or a new RAID array in an ESXi server, or did some maintenance on a printer, or whatever).

I would also need to have a way of 'syncing' this info with the 'main' copy of this particular file (I'm thinking of just using an Excel spreadsheet, but open to other ideas) that is on the server (If need be, I could use a separate app for the syncing process).

Any idea if there is something out there like this....or any combination of somethings that I could cobble together to achieve the general goal?

p.s. This is not a hard and fast concept in my head yet. I just thought of it on my way back to the office from lunch break this afternoon. So, I'm definitely open to ideas of how to make it better. I'm only hoping I don't develop the concept to be so cool that it lowers the possibility of me finding a ready-made app for this kind of thing out there. :p