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Dec 14, 2012
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Hi, just got this Motorola Droid 4 yesterday and am setting it up all day today. I was able to get custom music ringtones that I downloaded from Funtonia to show up in my rintones list and thus, I have assigned contacts personal ringtones. However, I cannot figure out how to set a custom music text notification. I checked this Droid forums and found several people asking similar things, and followed the advice given on the threads, and they haven't worked:

1. I downloaded OI File Manager from app store, as instructed by someone in this forum thread, and opened that app, went to SD card (not external) file, then as instructed added 2 different folders in small letters entitled "ringtones" and "notifications" and found my audio files (the same ones I'm using for my custom ringtones) in the folder in the SD card folder titled "Messaging" I then copies all my ringtones into not only the notification folder I created, but also the ringtone folder as well. This was as per instructed. However, when I go to change my text notification in messaging settings, again....NONE of my audio files are in there, just the same old ones that came with the phone.

Do I need an external SD card to do this? Or can this be done internally without having to purchase anything or plug into computer? I simply want to take one of my custom audio ringtones I downloaded to my phone from Funtonia and use one of them for my text notification sound. Is it my understanding that this particular Droid will NOT allow you to set custom text notifications for all of your contacts, just the one general text notification? If so, please advise, as that's what I ultimately would want, but it doesn't seem possible.

For the time being, I just want to assign my text notification as one of my custom audio files that are already in my phone!!!!!

I am new to this phone totally so please, if you can give instructions in really easy, newbie language or steps, that would be great, thanks!