New to ROMs, not new to root


Sep 29, 2010
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Here's a quick overview of my Android experience.

The TB is my 4th Andoid phone, and 4th phone that I've rooted (Eris, OG Droid, Incredible, now TB). In the past, I just rooted to access SetCPU and free WiFi tethering. Now I'm looking to go a step further and get some good battery life out of the stock 1400mah and ditch the bulky extended battery.

So what would someone recommend to flash that is AOSP Gingerbread, that has good battery life, without suffering in terms of capability? I'm on the most recent OTA update, running sense 2.1 and am fairly happy with that UI.

I'm already rooted and have Clockworkmod Recovery flashed to my device. Rom Manager is already installed as well.

Try em all. ;)

Seriously, I ran my first custom ROM for a month, then I flashed the second one and ran it for awhile. Then I went on a flashing spree and did any ROM I could.

You'll never know your favorite until you try several

Boot Manager
Will flashing new Roms erase any data on my phone or rearrange my apps?
Use Titanium Backup to backup all your apps. You will need to wipe data which erases everything on your phone but doesn't erase your SD Card. If you don't, you will have issues. If you start flashing ROMs more frequently, you might invest in Titanium Backup Pro. It is faster and restores all your apps for you.

An app I highly recommend is Boot Manager. You can keep your phone ROM and install up to 4 ROMs on your SD Card and boot into them with only a reboot. That way, if you don't like a ROM, you can always just go back to your phone ROM. I am running 3 ROMs at the present. It is cool if you use features of a certain ROM, but would rather run a different one. For example, I like running Cyanogenmod 7, but it doesn't have HDMI support for my DROID X. When I want HDMI, I can boot into a ROM that supports it.

Boot Manager
flashing the Liquid GB v3.1 right now...
I don't really like the non-sense UI.

I think I'm going to try the BAMF Rom once it downloads....which is taking FOREVER
That's what I meant about trying a few. Haha. Plus it gets addicting.

Bamf cubed is awesome!

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Now I'm trying to figure out how to change the lockscreen apps. BAMF 1.0.8