Yet another which rom question!

My results with Gingeritis were very similar, I think the phone just sucks for battery life. I don't even think about not using the extended battery any more. Luckily for me I don't mind it.

You may want to switch to the Bionic when it comes out, word on the street is it's getting very good battery life
My only problem with that is being able to upgrade to it without paying full cost. I only got this one cause my original droid crashed and I had to get something else. I've got until this Saturday to decide if I'm going to keep this phone or not, just trying to decide if I can either deal with dismal battery life, or a huge hump on the back of the phone.
It is crazy to see how different phones give various results. It all lies in the kernel of the rom. Every different phone performs uniquely differently. I personally could not be happier!
i will definitely say that roms make a huge difference. i've always ran dbamf and one rom in particular with a particular kernel gave me so much battery life i literally didnt know what to do with it. i had a hard time getting it down with heavy usage. next rom update all that went away. i think i got around 36 hours on the stock battery...and yes i have a screenshot to provide if need be. man i wish i could get battery life like that again.
to is without a doubt all in the kernel...we need more kernel devs in here to liven this phone up again. remember on the og droid how many kernel choices there were....that seemed to cover the entire board for everyone from sucky phones to uber phones, now it's like no one cares about the tbolt anymore. sadface