New to Droid X! Facebook to backup file?


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Aug 4, 2010
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Hi everyone. I just upgraded from a Blackberry 8330 I got in like 2003. WOW. Well, needless to say, I feel like i've been reborn. I am very tripped out by the way that Facebook automatically syncs into the email, numbers, etc. However, I did have a rather specific technical question regarding this:

I note that the HARDWARE contacts (the ones that I put in) are in the phone itself. However, the Facebook, Gmail, etc contacts are kindof 'cloud' contacts; just on the network and the phone accesses them.

My question is then, is there a way to back this up to a file? Perhaps save Facebook into some sort of CSV file? I only ask because then it would be easier to move that file around between some of my families older phones, etc. Not to mention, I would feel better if I had a hard copy of the data. Knowing how a lot of software people are, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't want people doing this for security, etc.but really, it would be pretty cool.

So, to sum it up: My contacts are synced and working, but I want to import them into the phone itself. I want to save my Facebook and GMail phone numbers onto my phone's storage.

Thanks guys
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