New to ANDROID but eager to LEARN


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Mar 26, 2011
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Hello all, My name is Cam. I have recently upgraded from a BlackBerry Curve to an HTC Thunderbolt. Wow what a difference! I have been reading alot of threads and fourms about rooting, over-clocking/under-clocking, ect. I love my Thunderbolt its really fast (or maybe just faster than what I am used to) but I know someone that has a Droid X for sale and he only wants $50 for it. I thought wow I could use that phone as an experimental project with rooting and overclocking (becasue I dont want to root my brand new phone just yet) but I am afraid it might be stolen. I havent seen the phone myself but he says as you power the phone on it ask you to sign in or create a Google Account. Now I know that you can track your stolen phones with a google account and other apps available on the Market but I was wanting to know if there is anyway to find out if the phone is stolen (without taking it to the Verizon Store) and if it wasnt stolen could I still root and tweak the phone by connecting to my Home WiFi or tether it to my TBolt. I know I am really new to the Android world but I want to become knowlegeable. If anyone could answer any or all of my questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!
:welcome: to the forum. Congratulations on the TB. Check out the ThunderBolt section for more info about your phone.
As far as you dealing with a phone that might be stolen, thats gonna be your decision and not ours. That type of discussion is not allowed in the forum. The only way to make sure is by having Verizon check the ESN Number of the phone.