New Phone, Charge OR thunderbolt?


Nov 2, 2010
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My wife is getting ready to finally take the plunge and get her first smart phone. I'm making her do it while unlimited data is still around. So what would be best? She's not a techie so she's rarely fiddling around on her phone (at least not yet...) and thus I doubt her battery dying will be a large issue. Yet still she insists the battery is the most important thing to her (I know I know, the TB probably isn't the way to go...). Just looking for a little advice from everyone!

With all the updates to the TB has the battery-life improved? And the Charge is pricey, is it really worth it? Thoughts and input please!
Unless your wife is going to be doing a lot of downloading of large files our watching videos and movies on the phone, there is no real need to go for the 4g phones. The Droid x and the new Droid 3 that is coming out are very both solid phones in performance and value. Obviously the Droid 3 is just my guess based on assumptions and the specs they have released. I can only speak for motorola devices though but other 3g devices would be just as good.

Keep in mind that the 4g network is limited and is not supposed to be fully available nationwide until 2013. There are some speculations that the 4g LTE wrong live up to the hype once out starts to get saturated.

Personally, I am sticking with my droid x and my wife is upgrading to the droid 3 before we go spending too much on a phone that may not even live up to expectations.

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She hates the physical keyboards, it has to be all on screen or she's not using it (she's coming from an LG Dare). I suggested the Droid X2 she said no (I currently have the original X and she hates my phone for some unbeknownst reason). Thus where we are now with the Charge or TB
What about the Dinc2 for an alternate 3g phone? Seems to be a nice phone from what I have seen

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