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Feb 8, 2010
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Hello I am a new member from the Phoenix Arizona area. I have owned severalMotoroal phones but only 3 smart phones Q, Q9C and the Droid. I really enjoy Motorolas products some a little slower than their competition but the Droid seems to have taken care of that.
I joined the forum looking for common issues that I may find a resolution for or even issues I may not be aware of.
As of now my single issue with the device is the Bluetooth Voice Dialing. I have read several forums and found some good answers and suggestions.
I am just in hope that a aolution from Motorola/Google is somewhere in the near future.
I also have 2 HTC Droid Eris devices in my house. Very nice devices but I am really glad after comparing the Motorola to the HTC that I chose to go with it instead. The HTC devices are only at 1.5 of course. We still have our fingers crossed for the 2.0 release but we are not impatient people and just hope it comes soon.
I use the Google maps navigation and my wife and daughter are very envious. They are looking forward to when this app will be able to run on the Eris. They understand they still have the Google Maps app but without the Navigator it is somewhat limited.
I hope this is a good introduction first time posting to a forum. Mostly just lurk and read. Seems to be enough information if you just look hard enough. Glad to be aboard.
Welcome aboard....we're glad to have you, and yes you're right, there really is plenty of info that you'll ever need if you just read around and use the search button....

But, if you can't find something just ask!
Thanks for the welcome

I have really used forums in the past extensively for answers. Its really comforting to know people are willing to share resolutions that actually help. Thanks again
Another resident of the great state of Arizona! Your'e the second one I've seen tonight! Welcome, Ronjay1! Just let someone know if there's something you can't find.