Sep 18, 2011
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I just got an un-rooted VZ ICS OTA'ed RAZR MAXX. My questions are:

1. Is it pretty easy to root?
2. If I root and install a custom ROM, and after 7 days want to return the phone to VZ, How will I go back to sock? As far a I know no ICS FZX has been leaked for RAZR MAXX yet... right?

All help will be greatly appreciated guys...
why don't you just see if you like the phone before you root it???
Coulterjosh said:
why don't you just see if you like the phone before you root it???

There are no disadvantages to rooting. But yes, it is very easy. Just search it on YouTube. The method I used was just downloading a file on my laptop, connecting my phone, and moving the file over. Be careful though, it may end up bricked if done incorrectly. As far as in rooting and going back to stock from, I can't help you, sorry.

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There is a "leaked" version of ICS 4.04 (.211), but it can only be installed over Gingerbread's most recent version. There is no assurance that you can flash back to Gingerbread since the Kernel is different. So in a one word answer, no.

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Darn.... I really wish there was a way to RSD LITE back to a VZ FZX if I rooted, wiped and installed a custom ROM....

Im not returning the phone for sure... LOVE it! But only if something goes wrong hardware wise (like the charging port comes loose or something), id like to have the option of at least exchanging it with a refurb @ VZ...