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Aug 9, 2010
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Ordered my Droid X about 3 days ago and it was backordered till the 25th, so i'll be receiving it on the 26th! I am like counting the days. But for now I'm here to be well informed before i root that baby the day I take it home.

My name is Jeff and I'm just getting started on the Droid X. I jailbroke the ipod touch and have that fully custom but the droid seems much more confusing and complex. What I wanna know before I start fishing around here is what should I do first when I root it. What apps should I get first to get started, what are roms, and what do I do with them. I for sure wanna get the free tether first though.

And lastly do these roms and apps cost money!

Thanks a lot, can't wait to start knowing what I'm doing before i actually get my hands on my first droid :D.