New from Hell, Mi


Oct 31, 2009
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5 miles from Hell
OK already posted up in a few other spots so why not here..

I got the droid on the 6th, was 1st in line... Yeah my geekiness is sticky out..
I am IT Tech and love new gadgets...

I got the Droid, the car mount, the dock, and body glove case... Actually had all this picked out a week before the release... My sales guy at Verizon is AWESOME!!! Although he has been the only one I go to goin on 2 yrs now...

I spent the weekend playing with it... the only thing I have to yet to see or find if it will do copy n paste..

The dock is awesome for when you go to bed!! =)

GPS is pretty neat too.. Ive never got into using VZ Nav, but google maps is free soooo why not lol