Network "unknown" only affects calls


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Feb 13, 2013
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This doesn't make any sense to me... Hoping someone out there has an idea on what to do. Basically what is happening is I am able to use my data connection without issue, but am unable to make any calls. The phone shows anywhere from one to full service bars, however if I try to call someone it always will drop down to one and then fail to make the call (says something about no service available or signal fading). Also have noticed that it switches from Verizon to "unknown" on the carrier tag on the dial screen (though it does the same thing even if it stays on Verizon). Driving me batty because I do have either the 3g or 4g symbol showing at all times and internet works just fine (and yes I'm sure I'm not on WiFi)

To weed out the obvious, the back cover is on and yes I've done a factory reset. Have also tried rebooting with/without sim card in, toggling airplane mode on/off, and switching to cdma only in network settings. . Phone is completely stock, never been rooted and I am in an area where I normally get service without issue. I've read something about a menu by dialing *#*#4636#*#*, when I type that in the numbers just disappear and nothing else happens. Only other thing I can think of is replacing the sim card, which I don't think makes sense as data works fine. Ideas on this would be most welcome. Thank you!


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Mar 26, 2010
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I think a bad SIM or bad CDMA radio could be your issue. I'd certainly suggest taking it to Verizon. Get a new SIM and if that doesn't work then exchange the phone under warranty support.