Aug 10, 2011
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Anyone used Netflix on a Bolt with success. Also, I'm wondering about websites that have full TV episodes. Can you not watch on a phone because RAM is to small? Thanks!

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Ok, thank you for the input!

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You can watch full tv episodes, try Crackle or, both available in The market.
If you have a subscription, HBOgo works well, and I believe that there is a browser available (paid app) that mimics your desktop browser and allows Hulu to play.
There is also the apps that stream your desktop to your phone, I haven't tried them for multimedia so I'm not sure how good they are.
Lastly there are the expensive options, switch to dish network, they have an app that allows you to watch your home tv, or get Slingbox, it has the same.
Crackle has limited choices, mostly horror. I have watched some shows on I'm trying to find a download website that I've used before. All I remember is that the background is brown. I'll check out Hulu. Thank you for all the replies!

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Watch it every day. Also, Crackle, a.d, Stood TV Primetime. All are great on TB.

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I use Netflix but the quality goes in and out. I also use the Hulu app on my phone as well to watch TV shows, that one comes with a 7.99 a month subscription too though.