Need to plug my Galaxy s5 and note III to laptop as mass storage device


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Sep 28, 2014
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samsung galaxy s5
I need help!
I ask for something that i saw it with my eyes working.

I need to connect mysamsung galaxy s5 and note 3 as mass storage and have a letter assigned to the devices
and NOT MTP.

It is something that happens to pc.
When i went to samsung tech office, they connected via usb cable and i saw a letter as external drive assigned.
(they use windows xp)

it was the only thing they told me.
No matter my questions i didnot take another answer(probably because the man who is there doesnot know anything more...).

I need a drive name because i want to do data restore Via icare. (a program for restoring deleted or formated data but you probably already know....)

Thanks in advance anyone.

I want to note that i am not expert user neither to the pc nor to the phone.
(i use windows 7)


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Jan 24, 2011
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you need to install the Drivers for your device in Windows 7 from Samsung's website! ;) This should fix the problem.

If not then Windows 7 may have an error of some kind and cannot locate how to install it!

Third Is that your software on your phone is Corrupt, and needs to be reset or reflashed to make it work properly!

Good luck in fixing your Problem! ;/