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Sep 5, 2016
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I am very sad today. I am not sure if I am more sad than I am disappointed.

Regardless of the reason why, 2 people lost their lives today. A mom and a dad to 3 girls.

I truly do not think I have ever been more ashamed of my fellow citizens.

No one took the time to find out why.

Just judgement.

I am not a perfect nor will I ever be. I instill Empathy in my children as well as respect.

Regardless if they were Crack heads or anything of the sort, they are still people just the same as you and I.

We all have free will in this life. We are free to make the right choices and the wrong ones.

As a person who has experienced judgement my entire life, this struck home to me.

I fully understand nor do I condone their actions, however there is a family out there devestated tonight.

I just do not understand the human race anymore.

Or maybe, I am an odd ball.

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