Encryption is messing up EVERYTHING (ICS Version)


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Sep 3, 2012
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Hey guys. I'm having a very serious problem with my phone, which I am pretty certain is due to the encryption function. I am going to attempt to describe my dilemma as best as possible so that some kind, adept, brilliant droid expert maybe be able to thoroughly and informatively help me with this situation. With that sad, grab a chair, a nice warm glass a milk, and sit down by the hearth, because it's story time. dancedroid

Either a month or two ago, I decided to encrypt the data on my ICS updated Droid Razr. Now I knew/know what encryption is, but I wasn't sure exactly what it would do for/to my phone. Naturally, I thought it would encrypt the things it said it would encrypt--my email, SD card and the files in them, the files in my phone's storage, etc. So I encrypted it, much to my dismay, the encryption process didn't do any of those things, and if it did I didn't notice any changes. Fast forward some time later (perhaps a couple weeks) and for whatever reason something came up that led to me powering off/on my phone (I.E.: my phone died haha). When I turned it back on it prompted me to enter a code for my SD card. I had no clue why this prompt was here and I was unsure of what the code could be, so I ignored it. Afterwards I try to access my music but there are no songs there. After some time and reasoning, I concluded that this was a result of the encryption process and in order to access my music and several other things, I would need enter my code, which was my pin. (I feel that it should be noted that I encrypted both my SD card and my internal storage, yet it only ever prompted me to put in a code for my SD card, and my internal data was available/present regardless of whether or not I put in a code for my SD card.

Fast forward again and you'll see me yesterday, fed up with having to enter a code each time I turn on my phone. I recall back to the time where I first encrypted my phone. After the process was finished, I remember going back to the encryption menu and seeing options to decrypt. So I return to the menu to try just that, however, that option isn't there. What's there are just the standard ICS options to encrypt again. This struck me as odd, considering my things were already encrypted. So in an action of desperation I chose to encrypt everything in my phone, my goal being that after I encrypted my things, the option for decrypting would reappear...boy was I wrong. I start the encryption and the progress for completion starts at 60%...and then it just STAYS at 60%. I wait for the process for a good 30 minutes before I doze off at 12 am, and then wake back up at 5 am. I feel something OH-SO-HOT under my stomach, the thing being my phone. I check the progress and it is still at 60%. With mixed emotions, I turn off my phone, go back to sleep, wake up later in the late morning, turn my phone back on and it is still at 60%.

So here I am now, with my phone sitting next to me at 60% as I frantically surf the web to find whatever solution I can for this bull****. It seems that there aren't many problems similar to mine, so my efforts have been mostly fruitless. The internet has told me to either boot my phone in safe mode, soft reset, or do a factory reset, and well, even those solutions might not even work. I've attempted to boot it in safe mode, but it just gets stuck on the white droid logo-->http://i.testfreaks.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/DSCF8018.jpg The soft reset did nothing, for after I did reset it and power my phone back on, it just resumed encryption at 60% complete. I am not sure how to do a factory reset because I cannot get into my phone's UI and system settings and I am unsure how to do a reset any other way. I will soon contact Verizon over the phone to see if they can help me (ha, I doubt it though). If that doesn't work I will go to one of their stores either today or tomorrow.

I would also very much like to only resort to factory reset as a last resort. :sad:

So please, if you think you can help me, DO NOT hesitate to do so. I will literally take any instruction or advice at this point. Thanks..

[Sorry if there are any typos and/or grammatical errors--this is quite a post, and I did my best to proof read but I feel as if i skipped over some mistakes. Again, sorry.]