Need help with usb connection


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Oct 27, 2010
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Hopefully, long story short:

I was on the OTA update 2.3.340, flashed Apex rom and everything was great. I wanted to try a new rom, didn't wipe data/factory reset. What I did was format system, data, and cache. Then mounted system and installed Bazingas rom. This sent me into a bootloop. I sbf'ed 2.3.320 this morning and it worked. Tried several times to reroot and was finally successful. Restored a saved version of Apex from clockwork. Which now gets stuck on boot, then I reboot, then it starts. Also, My USB connection stays on completely and will not recognize my pc and vice versa. What can I do to fix this?

Oh yeah, and now my kernel is gca645b6 when before the sbf it was gxxxx(c or b)x

How can I get back to the 2.3.340 kernel and not the 2.3.320