need help with twitter app.


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Jun 18, 2010
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i just got my incredible 2 a few days ago. i set a twitter widget on one of my screens for when i wanted to use it. but i am having a problem signing out. i can not find a log out anywhere. it has been running for 2 days now. what can i do to log out? it is killing my battery.
Not sure, but am thinking settings in the actually app itself.

posted tomorrow using the space time continuum app on my D1...
i figured it would have something like my facebook app. where i can open up the menu and it has a log out. but so far me and my wife have not been able to find anything. i even went to the app manager and tried to force close it and that still did not work. i finally had to uninstall it. after 3 days of it running non stop.
There is a setting for twitter in accounts and sync. Disable update when opened. That might fix it.

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