Need help with photos


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Apr 1, 2011
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Hi. :) I have copied photos from my computer to the Droid 2G. I put them in the camera folder as I could not find them when I previously attempted to copy to the dcim. When done, I turned off the phone for the night. Turned it on this morning and there were doubles of some photos and triple of others. Gah!

So I have deleted the folders of photos from the camera folder. Photos now do not show in the gallery. So I checked the FILES section and all the photos are there in their respective folders. How do I view them now?

And for future reference, how should I be transferring photos to the phone? As a photographer, I like being able to quickly show poses to my client but am rather frustated with the transfer process.


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Nov 5, 2010
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When I put pics on my D2, I made a folder called Pictures in the Media folder. I wouldn't recommend messing with the DCIM folder since it's kind of a system folder. Your photos will show up in the gallery no matter what folder you put them in.

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