need help very badly

you selected option 1?
phone is in bootloader, no android recovery?
usb cable connected, rear ports preferred
bootloader doesn't say low battery?
It worked thanks a lot. It's a good thing it finished when it did my battery was at 30%.
So I can still use dx bootstrap or it has to b dx 2?
use the droid 2, modified X, or droid 3 bootstraps
not the original X or the X2

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What version of framaroot should I use they're a bunch of options
any version, gimli option

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Hey i have a droid x and i washing lookin at the updates history and i found that they made a 2.3.5 for the droid x but on my droid x it says im updated can anyone solve this?q
O and on wikipidia (wer i was looking up the droid x)it said the update came out in march 2012
That was for the X2. X just got a surprise update but it was still 2.3.4

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Ive been hearing theres 4.5.5 system version update for droid x but my dx keeps on sayin im up to date so is there this update and if so how can i fix it and get it
Does any one gave any idea how to update droid x to 4.3.5 please message me or post no root plz
Thx in advce