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Oct 14, 2013
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I had my dx rooted 2.3.4 621.....I tried to flash liberty rom using dx2 bootstrap. my phone wont load now except into boot loader. it gives me errors in boot loader as well......plz help this is for my stepdaughter thank you in advance
Dx2 bootstrapper is for the x2 only. You will need to SBF. Let me find you the link.

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Yes for. 621. If you use an older version it won't help.

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so basically its like a recovery for the entire os for the phone?
an .sbf file contains the original software/Firmware

two methods to flash the .sbf
RSD Lite or sbf_flash (ezSBF)

RSD Lite is windows only
sbf_flash is Linux/ Mac
ezSBF uses sbf_flash with the commands prewritten in a special Live Linux CD program called Slitaz
can I burn the iso image to a disk and run it on boot setup for windows?
ezSBF can be booted from cd, dvd, or usb flash drive on most pc/mac/linux machines
do I just copy I to a cd...sorry all these are dumb questions but its been a while since ive messed with root thank you for helping out
When the comp screen says *daemon started successfully does this taken a while or did I mess something up?