Need help transferring apps and data from Bionic to new S4


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Apr 29, 2012
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I downloaded My Backup Pro on my Bionic and created a backup of my apps, music, etc. I also backed up my data too. I saved them to my sd card, and I am able to find them on the card when I search in Astro File Manager.
On the S4 I downloaded the My Backup Pro app, and tried to restore. It said that the path was incorrect, so I looked on my Bionic and the path listed in My Backup Pro is "/mnt/sdcard-ext". So I typed that in for the new backup location and hit ok. I get this message: "Error: the path that you entered is not valid, your change was not saved."

In Astro, the path specified for my Apps and Media is: "/storage/sdcard1/reware/MyBackup/AllAppsBackups/AppsMedia_2013_06_16"

The path specified for my Data is: "/storage/sdcard1/reware/MyBackup/AllAppsBackups/Data_2013_06_16"

Is there a different path I need to specify to the S4 to get my apps on it? If so, any ideas?
The path specified in the box before I try to input "/mnt/sdcard-ext" is "/storage/emulated/0" if that helps anyone...

*I also made a copy of the folder "/storage/sdcard1/reware/MyBackup" (which contains both the folders Apps/Media and Data from the My Backup Pro backup) to my desktop and tried to use the Samsung smart transfer, and it wouldnt even recognize the file.

At this point I dont care how I get all my apps and data to the S4, I just want it on there! :D
Thanks for reading this, and any help is greatly appreciated.