Need help rooting a second time, can't get permissions!


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Jan 15, 2011
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Buffalo, NY
Hi everyone. First time to the forums her, yea.. bout time right!, but anyway ive been trying to get help from droid fans and other sources about my rooting problem. I was rooted before this past November with Z4Root with only SetPcu, Titanium Backup, and ROM manager loaded in; no custom kernels or roms. Well, after Google issued the update stupid me updated without thinking and broke it. So for the past 1-1/2 months its been back to its original state. Just yesterday i tried again using "Super one click" root. It said it was successfully rooted, but i still cannot get any permissions. I have superuser and have had super user on my phone since Z4 root was on there and broken and have since downloaded it again from the marketplace too just to refresh it. Well even in spite of that i cannot get permissions. SO far as i know I AM rooted from Super one click, i have SetPCU and Titanium back on my phone but with no permissions, no Roms and no kernels. Anyone think they can guide me into the right direction as to where to go? Droid Fans referred me to one of the Rescue Squad guys seeing as they might help.