Need help! I cant find latest Ice Cream Social Rom and instructions!


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Feb 8, 2010
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Crestview Florida
I have 5.9.902 on my Droid Bionic! I am soooo confused! Please show me a link with the latest version for ICS rom! Instructions would be great! Have Safestrap installed and I am rooted too! (I cant get the wireless tether to work because of the verizon hot spot app and I am figuring out that I need to use a different Rom to be able to use the wifi tether?)

You can find it here in this forum website just go under roms then click on th3ory rooms. Instructions will be on the thread?

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FYI, it's Ice Cream Sandwich. It doesn't get social until you install a Twitter or Facebook client. :happy3:
Also check There are 4 excellent versions of ICS

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+1 on droidhive, great site! With great developers!

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AOKP 3-11 has both cameras working!

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