Liberty v2.0.1 wanting to upgrade to the latest Liberty help...


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Nov 16, 2009
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I have been out of the ROM game for a while. I stayed on Liberty v2.0.1, Android version 2.2.1 for the logest time and really enjoyed this ROM but now I would like to go to the latest one to see if I have been missing anything with all these developments. How do I go to the latest ROM? Is it as simple as download the zip file and go into recovery and install the zip even with this old of a liberty rom? Also the only reason I stayed with the rom I am on was because I had the wireless tether app. Am i still able to use a wireless tether app with this latest rom build?

thanks.:icon_ banana:
It's pretty easy to upgrade... All you need to do is
Sbf to 602(got two links in my signature)
From there use the one click root (a computer will be required)
Instal bootstrap and flash

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