Need help getting back to stock


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Jul 14, 2013
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I need some help getting my rezound back to stock so i can send it in since i got a replacement phone.

Quick background......Using resources here I had no trouble unlocking my phone and flashing a rom. Everything worked fine until my phone started acting up by not making any external noises (wouldn't ring out loud, play music, notifications, etc....). I think it's a hardware issue but Verizon wouldn't touch it without being put back to stock. I got a replacement phone via insurance, but i still need to get the old one back to stock so i can send it back.

I must have missed something along the way because I've got it re-locked, but now I can't get past the bootloader screen. Any option I pick from there results in it going to the black screen with the triangle/red exclamation point. For some reason now I can't access it/do anything via the command prompt screen (which obviously I have the drivers installed since I unlocked originally and recently used the command prompt to relock) and for some reason I can't get the phone to recognize any ph98img file on the external SD card.

I'm pretty much completely stuck right now and just wanna run the thing over with my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated


May 26, 2012
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North Dakota, USA
Copy the RUU file to the root of your sd card, named EXACTLY: "" without the quotes, beware of Windows double zip issue, reboot into stock Fastboot and it should recognize it. In some cases custom ROMs do weird stuff to the file settings, try going into Fastboot and using "Fastboot boot" of TWRP/AMON Ra or whatever you like and wiping everything but recovery and reformatting all partitions, then mount the SD card and copy the file over via USB and reboot.

The other thing here is that if you filed an insurance claim, it should be irrelevant... to my knowledge the insurance does not require the phone to be sent back stock.