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Mar 9, 2011
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New user here. Just wondering when I look at the forums and something catches my eye, I click on the topic and it throws me into the middle of the topic. I want to read the first post not the 20th post. I tried to search but could not find it. Thanks for your help. Here is a screen shot of my X.

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Welcome to the community. Looks like you know how to create a good lockscreen tho. Also to help understand your question are you saying when you click on a thread in the droidforums app and there are like 40 pages on that thread it is putting you on page 20 when it opens up the thread?
Yes, but even if the topic is only one page when I click on it, it puts me at like post 5 instead of the first post.

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it happens to me also but I think via web u can change it. check ur user control panel or in ur user edit options. im guessing it could change

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Ok. I will try that. I have another question. If I'm looking through posts and hit my home screen without backing out of the app all the way. Then I go to open it again it force closes being unresponsive. Any help there?

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James any suggestion on that? I def make sure to close all apps im on. it helps on battery life too. it might be too many apps are running in the background and needs to close

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