Names of Starred Places on GS3


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Jan 8, 2013
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Typically I'll use my laptop to connect to google maps and search for the places I'll need to use the navigation app for. When I find a location, I've always starred the location. I'll then go into Bookmarks, select edit, name the starred location to something other than the address, and save it. This way I'll have a list of my locations by name and not a list of address which I'd never remember which one is what. After I've done this in the past (with my Droidx), I'd open google maps, select my places, and then starred and the locations would be listed as the names I gave them.

I've recently changed from a the Droidx to my Galaxy S3 and the names do not change in my GS3.

Has anyone else run into this issue. Does anyone have any suggestion. I'd hate to loss this feature.