My thoughts on Gingerbread and Blur


Jun 16, 2010
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well I’ve had the rooted leaked from day UNO and i have to say and take this as you will. Moto did a great job on blur this time out. its fast its simple its clean. I have made the choice this time to not flash butchered moto roms. due to the fact that because of our locked boot loaders all we will ever get is hacked and butchered stock roms in froyo not a single rom and I tried them all had a perfect running record there was always glitches and hiccups most you could live with some you couldn’t. but all where better than the stock blur of froyo as that just sucked. but this new rom and new blur has won me over and will stick with it and given the X is aging fast in terms of cell phones. the newer phones are getting better the UIs less intrusive and more slick even the new Sense UI looks nice even keeps a hint of stock google look to it ditto for the new blur. and this will just improve with googles new restrictions to fragmentation. I really do think the era of roms is on its last legs I think rooting will find its place and will stay the long haul but the need for custom roms will fade. no offense to the rom devs out there your work is great. but the money and resources of the big companies will win the day. their roms are stable and have support. and i think they have listened and seen what the dev community can do. take blur for example the froyo edition would always be there kinda half ass even if you install a new home app like launcher pro or ADW. but in the new edition it auto shuts down and removes it self from the UI allowing full control to launcher pro or ADW. and this new trend will just get better to what i think will be a switch in the phone settings to enable blur or sense or enable stock google. giving the phone user the power to choose. well that’s my thoughts on it enjoy those roms to those who choose to do so.