My test drive of IOS compared to Android


Jun 25, 2010
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Lameville, USA
Hey guys,

I was recently offered a Iphone 4 to use and saw a great opprotunity to finally really see what the differences are between Apple and Android. Myself being a Droid fan, I always wondered why my girlfriend stuck with iphones, here's what I noticed:

IPHONE test drive:

One thing I immediately noticed is that the Iphone was a litte smaller than my Droid 3, the buttons for sound on/off and volume control were nifty, and the display was real nice. Myself being unfamiliar with the IOS and the iphone settings in general, it took me a day or so of goofing with it to figure out my way through settings and such. I did like the "simple" interface, and often thought throughout the test drive of the device, that I had to "dumb" myself down to better use it, the device is very simple. I also noticed that the only real app market for Iphone was Itunes, (though if you jailbreak/root, there is a "jailbroken" market, also) which I immediately thought was a bit narrow minded. The overall construction of the phone was pretty good, and was more comfortable in my pocket. Call quality seemed a little less clear, and the "hands free" wasn't as easy to operate as it should've been, a little limited compared to my D3. It never dropped any calls, but seemed to be a little quieter on speaker than my D3. I did really like the stereo interfacing, hands down awesome! I've always called Iphones "Ipods with a dialer" and this proved true, the music interface was one of the things I really liked, and aside from games and the readiness of nifty add-ons/cases/etc... for the iphone, that was pretty much it. I think that the Iphone is simple, and designed for those who don't expect much more than media/games from a phone, which is where Iphone really excels. As far as an overall phone with good software, usability in multiple situations, and fine tuning with user specific apps, any good android smartphone would be a much better buy.

Now, for what I myself didn't like: Almost every decent app on Itunes was a paid app, not like Android, where some of the best apps you'll ever see are freebies or donate apps. The only good thing about Itunes that I really liked was that their games worked really well and looked fantastic. There were some really cool zombie games and while you needed to buy them, if you're a zombie fan, you weren't dissappointed. As far as apps in general go, I looked for apps that looked similar to those on my droid 3 and found 90% were paid, and only half at best, were even decent apps. One example I'll go with is navigation. If there is native nav on the Iphone, I couldn't find it, and had to pay about 10 bucks for an app, then 5 more later for the North America map to make it stand alone. Wow... On Android Smartphones, this is free...Google Maps, or if you go Verizon Nav, you can do that, but I think there's a cost. I did see that there were some free apps, but none that were noteworthy IMO.

In the end, the Iphone is good for folks who don't mind shelling out to apple for almost everything they wanna do, I couldn't even make a ringtone for myself without having to shell out 5 bucks. Would I ever buy one for myself? Nope. Until my Androids grow legs and attack like little ninjas, I'll stick with my Droids(and even then I'd put the little ninjas on ebay), I wanted to know what the hype was, now I know that the Iphone is good for people that are easily satisfied, Android is for those who aren't.

Thanks for reading, hope this was informative, and again, this is only my take on it..........Except for Moto, bite me moto, unlock my bootloader, lol...dancedroid