My S3 keeps freezing and rebooting at the homescreen. I'm freaking out. Please help!


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Jan 29, 2013
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I have no clue what's going on...I have a rooted but stock GS3, only about 2 months old. I installed Kayak and Lose It! apps from the Play Store earlier, and made a few new folders on my homescreen. (Trying to be as specific as possible in case one of these things raises a red flag for someone). All of a sudden this evening, my phone froze up, and it rebooted after 30 seconds or so. (This has happened off and on to me over the last few weeks, but usually after a quick reboot it's totally fine). Unfortunately, it now isn't fine. Once I get past the flashy Verizon "4G LTE" screen, the phone locks up at the homescreen after about 5 seconds of checking SD card, etc. If I'm lucky I'll get about 5 seconds to quickly try and swipe my screen, but as soon as I do that it locks up, screen goes dark and I'm back at square one. Usually after it auto-reboots, I don't even get 5 seconds to mess with the screen, it's totally frozen.

If someone could please help me out ASAP, I would so much appreciate it! Is there anything I can do without totally wiping my phone? (I have made a couple of backups with Titanium Backup thank god; the last one was several days ago). Will I even be able to wipe my phone at this point?

I owned a Droid X before my GS3 and never encountered this problem personally before...

UPDATE: I managed to get my phone to boot into Safe Mode and everything booted up successfully that way--I went and uninstalled both Kayak and Lose It! in the hopes that would fix the problem. After I tried rebooting in regular mode though, no luck. It's still freezing up. I went into Safe Mode again, and uninstalled every app I installed over the last week in hopes one of them was the potential culprit. Still no luck, it continues to freeze up after letting me mess with the touch screen for about 5 seconds. This is so frustrating.

FINAL UPDATE: After booting into Safe Mode *again* for the umpeenth time, I remembered that Busy Box and Super SU had both had updates late yesterday. I uninstalled them both from my phone in safe mode, rebooted, and LO and BEHOLD--I'm fully functional again! Must have been some kind of conflict. Hope this helps someone else if they're having the same issue. Boot into SM and uninstall those two apps.
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