Constant Reboots & Freezes


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Aug 12, 2010
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So my Droid Incredible just started having major problems. It suddenly started rebooting constantly. It would reboot, go through the SD Card mount, and almost as soon as it was done, it would reboot again. Sometimes I would be able to flip through a few screens before it would freeze and reboot. Then this morning, the Droid shut down all together and I couldn't restart it for a few minutes (had to remove and reinsert the battery). I've also noticed that the Droid felt a little hotter than usual

Now, I recently purchased Launch-X Pro, and just a few days ago put a bunch of Launch-X widgets on my home screens. In total, I was running about 10 widgets, including the Launch-X ones. That was pretty much when the reboot problems started.

After deleting nearly all the Launch-X widgets, the problems seemed to stop, but now I'm worried. Has anyone had similar experiences? Could it be that I was just running too many widgets and apps at the same time, or could it be a more fundamental problem with my Droid?



Nov 6, 2009
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DROID 1 Rebooting

I am having the same issue on my DROID1. I do have FROYO, however I've had FROYO for a week or so and my problem just started today. First it freezes and then it constantly reboots. I also have not installed any new apps recently. My phone is not rooted either.