My Droid keeps losing internal memory???


Jun 29, 2010
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Can anyone please tell me why my Droid (un-rooted) running 2.2.2, is continuing to lose internal memory? Every other day I check my "manage applications" and I clear my cashe, but today, I've noticed a servere drop and it seems to be getting worst!

I have most of my apps that I use on my sd-card.

Should I:
1. - clear all of my phone messages?
2. - clear all of my sms messages?

3. - Not sure if I should clear the "Storage" data in some of my apps.(which holds a lot of mb) I would hate to do this, because I will lose everything that is stored!

If anyone could help me, please do. I've deleted some apps but I think this is far beyond that.

My phone has been doing the same. The only thing I have been doing is drop down the "warning exclaimation symbol" that tells you that you are low on memory to see what windows and programs are running and force close whatever I don't need. Also, go to SETTINGS and clearing the history, cache, and cookies. Furthermore, I noticed that if I sent out a lot of texts with pictures that it takes up some storage memory, so I will delete those text messages with pictures sent. If I received any texts w/ pictures and wanted to save them then I stored them to the sd card. I hope this helps.
Well deleting my sms with pictures really helped. I got back about 40mb.
I also tried deleting my call log but nothing happened.

Anything else I can try???

I'm having the same problem. It says my phone has 56mb of internal memory available, but when I try and install a 5mb app, it says insufficient space?
Like others have said, my Droid was pretty low on internal memory. Even with all my texts cleared, most apps moved to SD or deleted, and big emails trashed, I was still out of memory. I couldn't figure this crap out, until I finally checked my trash folders in K-9 and found I had about 1,800 messages in the trash taking up about 60 MB!!!

I emptied the trash, which took about 5 minutes, and now I have about 89 MB free.... so check your trash!!! That's over a year's worth of emails.

By rooting and getting superuser permissions you can uninstall some of the system apps that waste memory.

In 15 month of having the D1 i never had a memory issue... not to mention significantly improved battery life.
People frequently seem to forget that cache and data for their apps (not just messages!) also use internal storage. It's expected that internal storage will decrease with use. Check and see if there's any other data cleanup that you can do with your apps to free up space.