My droid is possesed!!

is there any any to fix this my phone started this on cm6 rc1

havent installed any apps but aldiko ebook reader and i dont have service or insurance any more would this be covered in the manufacture warranty and be able to get a new one from motorola?? or is it a software issue that can be fixed??
Im having the same issue. Whats the best way to deal with this? Should I call or go to a local verizon shop or talk to motorola? What number do I call!?!?!?
Ok now my droid is as responsive as its ever been... For 2 days I could barely even unlock it, now its fine. I took it to Verizon anyway and the guy said 2.2 is supposed to fix it, which I think is BS but if it does it again Im taking it back and getting a replacement.
My droid started doing this about 3 weeks before the x was scheduled to be released. It went from bad to extremely horrible in a matter of days. I couldn't unlock my phone or anything. My fix was to pull the battery out, wait about 10 mins, and then reboot.

That worked about 80% of the time. Couldn't get rid of my moto droid fast enough after that.

I hope 2.2 is the actual fix.
I've had this same problem and it's currently being fixed or replaced by the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Now I can find out whether GS is as bad as their reviews. :) One thing sure, they are slow. I took it to BB late on a Friday night, and today is one week later and I get an email that they have received it! Wow! I get to enjoy my stone-age Samsung Alias for so long!