my cheek is hanging up calls


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Dec 7, 2010
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Help! Sometimes while on a call, I must cheek something on the call screen and it will either disconnect the call, or make the other person unable to hear me. It's not the mute button as I have tried to click it and nothing happens. It is also not lit up. I do try to hold the phone away from my face, and I rarely hold the phone between my face and shoulder (although if I do, it's more likely to happen). Any suggestions?
It would be a little helpful if we knew what phone you had, but I think the same rule applies to all of them. There is a proximity sensor on the phone that makes the screen go dark when you're talking on it. Now if you have long hair I understand this can interfere with the proximity sensor. If that's the case then just move your hair to the other side of your head.
hmm? I think he means his cheek is hitting the end call button. ive had my screen go dark during calls many times but it never cuts the call.
My wife had same problem! Downloaded "myLock phone tools" for her, no more accidents! Free in the market

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My wife had the same problem with 3 droid 1's. The screen was even dark cause the proximity sensor, weird
My lock phone tools also worked for me. Thanks for the tip. And contrary to many of the reviews, I've not had issues with it not working, or covering up the caller ID.
Daughter has had this issue, hope if does.... THANKS