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Oct 1, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy S4
Hey guys,

I have been searching all over the internet and have not found a fix for t\his issue. It seems that many people have the same issue over and over.

Here is goes. My music is not showing up correctly. In previous looks around the internet this issue can be fixed my making sure that all the tags are right within your files on your computer. This i have checked and rechecked again and I still seem to have the problem of most of my music showing unknown artist for my music tracks when i use the samsung music player AND the goggle music app for my phone. Please tell me someone knows a fix for this issue!!!

Thanks Again!!
Just my music files everything is coded (tagged) right in the computer and on Windows Media Player its just when it gets onto the phone somehow the artist tag gets deleted or something.....
Media Player is not the Best Tagging option from my experience in the past! I usually use iTunes to tag my music Files then Sync them over to my device! I used to use an app on my phone, but you can't modify files on the SDcard anymore and that is where most people store there tunes @!!!! :/