Music copiued with Explorer tool not recognized


Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
I have a network attached drive (Buffalo) and have connected to it via smb and copied mp3 files to the music directory. For some reason, the Music app and TuneWiki can't see those files. If I browse to them from Explorer, I can play them, but the music players don't recognize them.

If I connect to my PC and pull them down, everything is fine. Anyone doing something similar and got it to work? I want to be able to pull down files without needing a PC.
I have a similar problem in that new files I copy from my PC aren't seen by the music player on the droid, but I can see them and use them from the PC when the phone is mounted. I've even placed a copy of the mp3 file in the "/music" directory and in the "/Media/Audio/MP3s".

I wonder how to tell the Droid to update it's library?
My media is located at:


See if that hierarchy works for you.