Moto Droid Music Player does not show all files


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Feb 9, 2010
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I recently removed all the music files from my SDHC card. A couple of days later, I connected to my laptop, mounted the drive and copied about 1,000 .mp3 files to a folder labeled Audio. When I open the stock music player, I can only see artists or albums sorted alphabetically up through the letter "S". All the other files don't show up. I am certain the files are on my SDHC card because I can play them if I navigate to the file using Astro File Manager. I've tried pulling the battery and SDHC card without success.
Make sure the files are in the right format.
I know in Windows, some folders tripped out if having x amount of files in them: some thumbnails didnt show, etc. Try putting the mp3's in 2 folders and see what happens. If thats not it, do you have alot of mp3's for the letters T-Z? If u do, it could be a tag problem, or file name length problem.
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I just split the .mp3 files into two folders. The first named "Audio" and containing 133 folders with 1,104 files and a total size of 7.07GB. Those are all my .mp3 files alphabetically by artist from A through R. The second folder is named "Audio2" and contains 46 folders with 336 files and a total size of 2.23GB. Those are all my .mp3 files alphabetically by artist from S through Z.

The music player can see all the files in the first folder. It can also see the first 22 folders in the second folder AND the very last folder. I don't get it. I can easily navigate to every one of the folders using Astro File Manager. If I use AFM, I can select any of the .mp3 files and the stock music player will play it without any problem. I just don't understand why the music player can't "see" the files on its own.