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Jan 3, 2011
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Hello all,

I have heard that the android a multitasking system as the pc or minicomputers. But here is my delema. It seems that I cannot find a way to bring up a website and then switch to color note or the quick office version of word and be able to listen to the audio of the website?

If anyone can tell me how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Goyett

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Android prioritizes things depending on usage and available RAM. If the app you're running is memory intensive it will relegate any other open app to a "pause" state and hold it in memory until you come back to it. It can run more than one at one time but it depends on if there's enough memory to do so.

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They say it is multitasking, but that is only kind of true, and not the same as the pc. The apps don't actually run in the background. They are kept open so you can switch back to them quickly, but not in a usable state. Except for apps that are made to run in the background, like the music player and email services. I think the mentality is that if you are not actively using it, the browser has no reason to be running. There might be a way to keep it running, but I'm not sure. Maybe try a different browser.

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