Multiple email fetching


Sep 8, 2010
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I have my home pop3 email as well as my yahoo email setup on my D3. Both are working appropriately. My problem is that I do not want my yahoo email to automatically fetch like my home email. Yahoo is where I get a lot more spam/junk. I still want access but I don't want to see the notification light blinking every time it checks. On my D1 I could set up a frequency for each account seperately. Whenever I change the setting on either of these two accounts it makes the same change on both. Is there a way I can have my home account fetched automatically but have my yahoo only fetched manually?

Technology is great but sometimes works against the common good.
can you check under the fetch setting, and see if you can turn off auto fetch there for your yahoo account. this may not do what you want it to, but you may want to check out that option.
That is what I want it to do, except when I turn off fetch on the Yahoo account it also turns it off on my POP3 account. Even though they are seperate accounts they have the fetching options linked somehow.
hmmm on mine under fetching each account is seperated out.
Are you using the stock moto applications products or did you install a different email client?