Motorola's Project Ara Clsoe to Prototype and Might Sell Through Moto Maker


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Dec 30, 2010
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In a recent Google Hangouts chat, Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola, revealed that Motorola's upcoming modular smartphone concept called "Project Ara" is actually nearing prototype status. This is a surprising sign that the technology is advancing quickly although he admitted that it's still further out from becoming a retail product. In his chat he also revealed that the device could possibly be sold through the Moto Maker website just as the current customizable Moto X is sold.

Form the direction they are taking with this, it appears that Motorola is planning on developing a smartphone which is completely customizable from the get-go for consumers. It will basically allow you to "craft" your own smartphone. Check out the video above for even more intriguing hints into this potential future tech.
I'd buy that for a dollar!


I think ara is the motorola x. I mean that is the point of the x it was the beginning stages. First you start small with backs and accents then you take it a step forward (evolve it) with changing out battery and memory size, then camera and speaker each time while opening the market for speaker and camera manufacturers (think start up businesses) which will open up an entirely new market for smart phones to rival that of computers. So the ara we are thinking about will take awhile to come to life because of coding and software as Dennis said in that piece it is more than just plugging in a new camera or memory you have to deal with coding. The amount of people who can code android is less than 1% of the user base which is not enough to market a device "for them". On the other hand, you use moto maker to build your own phone through motomaker where at a factory they piece parts together and at the end of the line tested coded and shipped out.