Google's Project Ara to Have Working Prototype Ready Next Month


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Dec 30, 2010
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It won't be long now before we will get to see a working prototype of Google's Project Ara modular smartphone. MIT's Technology Review Journal got some hands-on time with the project leader Paul Eremenko, who shared some fascinating details. Here's a quote with a few of the details,

According to project leader Paul Eremenko, Google will be providing the so-called "endoskeleton"of the modular phone, which will initially have eight rear slots for smaller modules, two front slots for a display and buttons panel (for example), and on-board power and data modules based on MIPI UniPro technology - a high-speed interface for interconnecting integrated circuits. The modules will be fixed to the platform with electro-permanent magnets - there are no snaps, harnesses, or hinges.

The endoskeletons will be offered in different sizes, including phablet-size, and smaller ones akin to musical players. These aside, Ara's hardware ecosystem is completely open to interested manufacturers. And, as different kinds of components emerge, users will be able to combine the modules into a fully customized smartphone tailored to their specific purposes - such as photography, medical monitoring, experimenting with sensors, and vice versa.

A working prototype should be finished this month, while the project's research and development process seems to be going full steam.

It's surprising how quickly this modular concept is actually coming together. It is probable we will see Project Ara devices early next year. Share your thoughts on this idea.

Source: PhoneArena